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The first 200 women who (1) start the survey, (2) then watch the 9 videos at this portal, (3) then go back and finish the survey (including rating the videos, etc…) will have a 3 in 200 chance of winning a $300, $200, or $100 gift certificate for use on www.amazon.com.

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You can also text message, tweet, or e-mail other African American women to:
“Go to www.DIVAhealth.org/PregnancyPortal/ to watch videos and take the survey for a chance to win a $300, $200, or $100 prize

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If 200 women have already taken the survey, and the survey is closed, then you missed your chance to participate in the drawing for a prize. Then, you can just click on an enjoy the 9 avatar videos (cartoons), or see the PowerPoint Slide Show with Photographs of Some Methods of Pregnancy Prevention.

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Fellow, Research Group on Disparities in Health

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