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Consider these quotes and statistics below:



One thing is for sure.  There is no way that we, African Americans, are going to be able to get black people out of beauty and barber shops.  Therefore, let’s use these same facilities to educate, inform and empower the African American community.



Unlike traditional thinkers, be unique and think outside the box.  Instead of just a regular beauty shop or barber shop: …set up an internet satellite center in your shop                                             
                                   – Cathy Harris, syndicated columnist.







  • Americans are increasingly turning to the internet and healthcare websites for information on how to prevent disease and protect their health
  • Of all the cases of gonorrhea reported in 2005, 68% occurred in African Americans
  • Nationwide, at least 1 in 4 teenage girls has at least one STD and the prevalence is highest among black girls.
  • HIV is the 3rd leading cause of death for black women aged 25-44 years old
  • The most recent statistics from the CDC report that African American women have rates of chlamydia that are more than 7 times higher than for white women
  • Research has shown that black women are twice as likely as white women to douche; yet douching has been linked to increased risks of sexually transmitted diseases and pelvic inflammatory disease
  • In a recent study of 715 African-American young women, it was found that being selective and choosing not to have sex in certain situations because of sexually transmitted disease concerns did not reduce sexually transmitted disease risk because it is difficult to determine risky from non-risky partners.


Bringing technology and health empowerment services to beauty shops is an innovation that must take into consideration the needs and interests of shop owners and clients. As such, we want your input
about having a health internet station in beauty shops.


So, won’t you please help us by filling out an anonymous and confidential survey for owners or survey for clients.  Once you complete the survey, you will be entered in a drawing to win a $100.00 gift certificate to purchase items on